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5 reasons why YOU should go to WLC2018

Reason 1: The Norwegian Nature

Some say Norway is the most beautiful country in the world, and we’re not gonna disagree!

The 2018 World Logging Championship will be held in Lillehammer – host town of the ’94 Winter Olympics. Lillehammer is part of the Norwegian region called Innlandet. With rich farmlands and wide forests, agriculture and forestry are among the most important industries here. On your way from the airport to the hotel you will drive along Mjøsa (Norway’s biggest lake), before arriving at Lillehammer and Gudbrandsdal – a beautiful valley with a huge historical and cultural significance in Norway.

Still not sure? Just see for yourself:

Reason 2: The logging community

The World Logging Championship is a unique gathering of loggers from all over the world. During the championship there will be several social events for the participants and fans to take part in. You will meet old friends and you will definitely make new friends during the competition days.

Reason 3: Go to Norway – be happy

According to the World Happiness Report, Norway is the happiest country in the world! As a competitor or fan visiting the World Logging Championship you will get to experience the happiness yourself for four exciting days, fully packed of competitions, excursions, trips and social gatherings.

Reason 4: The action

Are you one of those people who just love the thrill of a good competition, who’s not afraid of the sound of roaring chainsaws or the feeling of 18 meter long stems hitting the ground? During the World Logging Championship, 150 competitors from all over the world will face each other in 6 different disciplines, packed with action. You can read more about the disciplines here.

Reason 5: The sun (almost) always shines on the WLC2018

Lillehammer is not far enough north to get the full midnight sun experience, but you will get pretty close. During the championship you will experience a 17 hour long day = more time for action, fun and happiness!