Learn swing dancing at WLC2018!2018-07-30T22:34:49+02:00

Learn how to swing dance at WLC2018

Are you a competitor or fan at the WLC2018, and want to be the king or queen of the final banquet? We have the solution for you!

If you’ve been to a logging competition with team Norway before, you’ve might been jealous of their great skills on the dance floor. Well – be jealous no more – because during the World Logging Championship in Lillehammer, we offer 2 classes in basic swing dancing that are open for all competitors and fan package holders!

The classes are for beginners, and will be taught by great instructors from Lillehammer Swing Dance Club. The class will last 1.5 hours, and will be held at the hotel, Friday 13.00 and Saturday 10.00.

Maximum 20 participants per class! You can sign up for one of the classes at the info desk in the hotel lobby.