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Loggers Guide to Norway

Will there be Trolls? What about polar bears? And should I be afraid of wild vikings roaming the streets?

First of all: as a competitor or fan at the 2018 World Logging Championships we will make sure you are well taken care of during your stay in Norway! However  it can always be useful to know a bit about the country, our society and the people living here, so check out our tips!

How to communicate with Norwegians for beginners

Do you wish to communicate with the locals during your stay in Norway? No problem: all national teams will have accompanying guides during the championship! However, these phrases can come in handy:

  • Hei/ Hallo/ God dag! – Hi! Hello! Good day!
  • Hvordan går det? – How are you doing?
  • Bare bra. Hva med deg? – I’m doing fine, how about you?
  • Hva heter du? – What’s your name?
  • Jeg heter … – My name is …
  • Jeg kommer fra … – I’m coming from …
  • Jeg deltar i Motorsag-VM – I participate in the World Logging Championships!
  • Jeg elsker Norge! – I love Norway!
  • Nå koser vi oss! – We’re having a GOOD time!
  • Fint vær i dag… – The weather is nice today

A common perception of Norwegians is that we only greet each other when we’re out skiing – or when we’re drinking. Most of us are just naturally sceptical to strangers, but we can be kind, fun and outgoing once you get to know us! So don’t worry: we don’t mind if you come up and speak to us (we’re just not used to it). And if all else fails: talk about the weather. We LOVE to talk about the weather…

Most Norwegians are also quite decent in english – the relative number of English speakers is higher in Norway than in Canada!


As a competitor or fan at WLC2018 all of your food needs will be taken care of as it its included in the official package.

If you, however, wish to explore Lillehammer and the local food scene, we suggest you try Rømmegrøt (sour cream porridge) and Spekemat (cured meats) with flatbrød (Flat bread) – which is some of the most traditional Norwegian food out there. You should also check out the amazing Norwegian salmon while you are here. And – since the championship is in august you might still reach the strawberry season in Norway, and of course: the norwegian strawberries are the best!

Maihaugen – one of Norway’s largest open air museums – is just a 5 minute walk from the hotel.

Payment & money

People in Norway rarely use cash. You can use internationally aknowledged credit cards in all shops, stores, restaurants etc. The Norwegian Currency is “kroner”, NOK.


In Norway, we have LOTS of fresh and clean water. In other words: you can drink the tap water in Lillehammer!


The minimum age to buy wine or beer in Norway is 18 years, and 20 years for spirits – bring your ID if you plan to take a drink!
Our national drink is akevitt/aquavit. It’s a strong beverage made of potatoes (in other words: watch out!). And remember – public drinking is prohibited, so please enjoy your akevitt in designated areas.


We are sorry if you find this dissapointing, but we have a “NO SNOW”-guarantee for WLC2018! In other words there’s no need to bring your winter clothes. There will most likely not be polar bears in the streets either…

The championship will be in august, and in general the weather in Lillehammer is quite good during this time of the year. BUT – we are far north, and the weather can change quickly. A light wind- and waterproof jacket can come in handy. And don’t forget your swimming suit – there’s a pool at the hotel! You can find weather forecasts HERE.


Norway uses the continental European standard socket. Since most of our electricity is based on hydroelectric power you can charge your camera, phone and other electronic devices with a clean conscience.


Indoor smoking is prohibited in Norway. Please smoke at designated areas.

Emergency numbers

110 – Fire | 112 – Police | 113 – Ambulance

Do you want to learn more about what to see and what to do in Lillehammer? Check out the webpage of Visit Lillehammer.