Women’s class at the 2018 championships2018-01-18T19:17:32+02:00

Women’s class at the World Logging Championship!

All countries will have the oportunity to participate with one more competitor at the 2018 World Logging Championship in a new women’s class!

Since a women’s class is not supported by the WLC statutes as an official class, this class will be a separate show class.

The women’s class will be an integrated part of the competition and program, and the participants will get the same accomodation etc. as the other competitors (they will be treated the same as i.e. the junior class, except that there will be no official world championship title).

You will get more detailed information about this when the information about the championship is sent out to all member countries in the beginning of February. Beacuase of training and team drafts we are sending you this information now.

Read more about the WLC 2018 on www.wlc2018.com or check out our Faceboook-page.